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Ramco Is a fast paced company deeply integrated in the petroleum and gas sector both in the Republic of Kazakhstan and to the world wide market. The companys main focus is on the refining of crude oil products to produce a verity of refined petroleum and petrochemical products which constitutes to thier appropriate standard of production both in specification and composition.

About us

Because We Care

We always strive to meet the quality standard and needs of our customers and partner companies individually by taking a personal approach to any request made to our office, whereby facilitating the storage of these products, and outsoursing the market for potential and capable purchasers hereby promoting the sales of our products through out the Republic of Kazakhstan and to the International Market.

Our services

We make it right to guide your experience in a proper way.

Field operations and equipment maintenance

Services involving operation and maintenance of equipment in the energy sector


Integrated drilling and well services


Efficient and modern refining process

Project and Construction Management

Construction and project management in the energy industry and construction market in the Caspian region


We have adequate logistics that export all refined to any destination assigned to.


Fabrication and installation of structural steelwork, upgrades of offshore facilities, pipe work systems including high pressure flow lines, vessels, tanks and related packages.

What WE DO

Some Of Our top notch projects so far!

The revamp and upgrade of the refinery for facilities to manage processing of 7.5 MMTPA crude oil, while meeting quantity and quality requirements of products both to feed Azerkimya revamped petrochemical plant and to produce Euro V quality automotive transportation fuels

Field operations and equipment maintenance

ngineering, Procurement and Construction Management across 8 offshore platforms (ACG & ShahDeniz)


Tuzgolu Underground Gas Storage Drilling Works include 40 caverns with total depth of 62.000 meters, 1.550 meters for each.

Tuz Golu

Ramco Underground Gas Storage Drilling Works include 40 caverns with total depth of 62.000 meters, 1.550 meters for each.

Valve maintenance

Provision of drilling services on 7 platforms and rig maintenance on 2 platforms in the Caspian Sea.

Our strategy

Our aim is to be a catalyst for meeting the changing energy needs of our world, by increasing our focus on people, technology and sustainability of resources.

Clean energy solutions – grow renewables business to help our customers and the world achieve safe, efficient and sustainable energy results.

Diversification and scaling up – diversify services and products in targeted markets and expand Ramco business horizons to scale revenues.

Innovation and agility – leverage the benefits of advanced technology and agile ways of working to invest in rational, risk-balanced initiatives, valued by all stakeholders.

across our diverse business units, we will be pulling together all Ramco resources and expertise to deliver overarching and agile solutions for customers. 

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